Best trail Ride in Arizona.


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Call 602-316-3360 to book your ride!

Kolhs Ranch Stables is open from May - November 5 

Wild West Trail Riding  is open from November - April

Have Fun on Your Ride!

Enjoy the Horse Ride of your life!  Elk and deer abound where we ride.  Birds of so many colors and variety.  Ride in the ancient forest.  We cross water and ride up the mountain.  We pick easy trails for you to ride and enjoy the scenery.  See the birds and wildlife on the mountain.

Our horses are Gentle and love beginner riders!

PRICE - We charge per Rider. - Call for Pricing.
Plus tax

Please call now to book your ride.

What is the price?
WE charge per person plus tax of 5.6%
Wrangler works for tips- Thank you!
How many can we take at one time on a ride?

Normally we take from 1 to 9 at one time.  However we can do any number on riders if you call and we make arrangements. 
How old do you have to be to go on the trail ride?
 If you are 8 years old or older you may go on the trail ride into the forest. 
Do I have to wear a helmet?  
If you are 12 or younger you must wear a helmet.   If you are an adult just initial on release you do not want a helmet.  We do have helmets for everyone and the are kept clean and sanitized.
What about little children?

Little children can book a 20 minute ride just around the entrance.
This is $40.
What do you wear?
You can wear about anything but you will be more comfortable in jeans and boots or closed toed shoes if you have them.  Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen is good.
Is there a weight limit?
Yes    245  pounds is the weight limit for safety reasons.  Also if you have a health  or medical condition that could be threatened if you ride you should not ride.  We have nice big horses that are very gentle.

Just relax and enjoy your ride.
If you need any more info or cannot book your ride on line please call 
(602) 316-3360

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